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Located at:

         1703 Madison, Everett, WA

   We Meet: 10AM to 1:30PM  Sabbath (Saturdays)

         10 to 11:30 for Bible Study

          11:30 to 1 PM for Sharing, Singing, Prayer,                                 and Preaching, Fellowship Following….

      (We also Meet several other times during The Week with several other Christian Groups - Often with Sunday Believing Folks….)

       We also Observe the 7 Annual Feast Days:

    These Dates start based upon The Barley Harvest and The New Moons - We set these dates from information gleaned at www.Karaite-Korner.org  

    The 3 Annual Feasts for 2018  — Start with Passover/Communion – date –  To be determined as  the New Moon is sighted in March .  Unleavened Bread follows for 7 Days. The Set Times are summarized in Leviticus 23.    The Fall Celebrations are set by the Sighting of the 7th New Moon - in Jerusalem.     

        2018 Feasts: Will most likely be -

Passover:  Evening on March 31,          Unleavened Bread: April 1 thru 7

Pentecost: Sunday May 20

Trumpets: Sept. ??, Atonement Sept/Oct. ??

Tabernacles: Sept/Oct ?? thru ??

Last Great Awesome Day:   Oct. ??  

Our Purpose: is to distribute Bible based Study information to help Christian Believers grow and develop into maturity.  Christians are WELCOME to Copy and Distribute These Studies, when used in non profit activities.

We Believe:

-We are Justified by Grace through Faith in the finished work of JESUS CHRIST.

The Bible is GOD’s Holy and Inspired WORD. It reveals The Father’s love towards HIS Children.

The Holy Spirit is given to believers to help us in everyday activities as we listen and yield to GOD.

-The New Testament Magnifies and Explains the Old Testament, and every word of GOD contains power and purpose for believers today.

-The 7 Feast Days describe GOD’s plan for mankind. Passover, and Pentecost are fully implemented and should be applied to each believer. And Tabernacles is being implemented in these days and will become fully evident when The Father is pleased to do so - according to the Pattern Given In HIS Word.

Most of the diagrams and charts on this Web Site were created using “Inspiration” software. None of these concepts are new from hingston7 - They all originated from another Higher source. I give GOD all the glory! I enjoy listening to others and often get a bright idea from someone else. Nothing is new under the sun.